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Welcome to AMFPP

Thank you for visiting or choosing AMFPP, we would like to welcome you to our website and software, simply see below for a quick description of each product we offer.

AMFPP for Windows

AMFPP for Windows is our flagship and pride & joy, we are forever looking for new ways to improve the core application and always providing bug fixes and updates to the server software that we include. It is very robust and full of useful features, including our own SiteApache which allows you to host multiple websites with ease.

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AMFPP for CentOS

AMFPP for CentOS was our first product, which was once named vPanel developed by our own developer before setting up AMFPP with another kean friend of his. Our CentOS version first saw the use of SiteApache, which still remains the main aspect for our CentOS version.

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